It has been a week since my birthday and guesses what, I am 25! There are a lot of mixed emotions whether I’m happy, sad or feeling old but overall, I am very happy because it is beginning of my new year of birth. What did I do on my birthday, you ask? 😏 Well, on my pre-birthday, I went to karaoke in the city with my friends – it was the best night of my life and thank god we finally didn’t go overboard with the bills and😂 secondly, last weekend, I went to Sokyo at the Star with my lovely boyfriend. I must’ve said…Sokyo has the freshest and tastiest seafood! It is not a romantic dinner but I enjoyed that place a lot.

I watched Karlie Kloss’s YouTube channel on 25 Things I’ve Learned in 25 Years (can you be my Leo Buddy? 😏), it inspires me to do the same thing. Here are my 25 things I’ve learned or have done in 25 years.

  1. It has been a year since I joined the gym. I love morning working out but need to try new routines like using a yoga mat or a big ball.
  2. Building a business on my own is not glamorous than it looks. Managed to schedule three showrooms in one day. Travelling gets me pretty annoying because it is a waste of my valuable time but at the same time, I enjoyed what I am doing and definitely worths it.
  3. Always starts with coffee before the day kicks in from the gym to go to class.
  4. Transferring from accounting to digital business is one of my best decision of my life. Thought about it for a long time and it takes TYME that is actually happened. I don’t care that I am old to study or graduate, I wanted to make my parents proud and also, part of my bucket life. I rather graduate the course that I’ve to enjoy than being sad.
  5. I am a little hopeless romantic until I met my love of my life. I am very spontaneous, a weirdo and a free spirit, so it does scare the boys off a lot 😂We are been together for more than 2 years and I still got a crush on him.
  6. I still not great at girl talk. I am sipping the water type of girl. Great conversation, ladies?
  7. I have small of great friends who supported me over the years. There are times we are no longer in touch
  8. Buying too much makeup is never enough.
  9. Always remove my make up off and brush my teeth before bed, or else I get bad dreams.
  10. K-mart is my holy grail
  11. I always watch women entrepreneurs on YouTube keeps me inspired and motivated every day.
  12. Bring my own lunch to university does save me a lot of money. The food court is expensive.
  13. Explore brunch, restaurants and food festival are such exciting things. One of my best hobbies.
  14. Budgeting is my favourite hobby. Love to keep on track with my money. Is that bad?
  15. Loves to cook with the boyfriend. We are great at team working and add a lot of weird stuff onto the plate. #futuremasterchef?
  16. Wine is my new best friend. Drinking every weekend and sometimes when I’m bored.
  17. Building a business changed my life. It helps me to gain my knowledge and skills, as well my confidence. I get to create my content and be my own boss, that’s the best part. If you wanted to be an entrepreneur, you can do anything.
  18. I still managed to wake up at 7 am to get ready but my aim is to wake up at 5:30 am. #brutal
  19. Music festival helped me to get out of my comfort zone. Meeting new people, atmosphere and the love of music. I kinda have grown out because I am getting old.
  20. I’ve been through depression and anxiety in the longest time I remember but the only way to overcome is to stay busy. Depression and anxiety still in me but I always fight myself every day, telling myself I am better than this. It works.
  21. Drinking a lot of water is the best option for hydration, mind and skin. #yup
  22. It is okay to take a lot of selfies. I barely take a selfie for 3 years. My boyfriend thinks my pose is awkward. HAHA
  23. Thinking of the ups and downs I’ve been through, I am glad that I survived through situations and mistakes I’ve made. It does make me stronger than I really am.
  24. I always wanted to travel somewhere tropical and visit my parents’ homeland Vietnam. This is one of the reasons I build the business to save money to travel.
  25. Be yourself and don’t let others put you down. Most importantly, love yourself.

What I wear: Asilio x No Longer Lovers Dress

– Tx


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